Seeking COAMFTE Accreditation

Policy and Procedures

COAMFTE Accreditation Manual

Accreditation Standards Version 12

Accreditation Standards Version 12

COAMFTE Interpretation Guide Provides a rubric for a program’s response to each key element and includes examples of evidence

Accreditation Process Information General Overview of the Accreditation Process providing requirements to initiate the accreditation process and submission requirements

Standards Version 12 to Standards Version 11 Crosswalk Maps the new Standards Version 12 Key Element by Key Element to related Key Elements in the preceding Standards

Standards Version 12 Cycle of Assessment Outlines the cycle of assessment and associated Key Elements for Version 12

Professional Marriage and Family Therapy Principles Programs may select a combination of any principles

Accreditation Fees and Forms

Accreditation Fees  

  Accreditation Forms

Accreditation Process and Timeline

Accreditation Process at a Glance

Accreditation Process Timeline


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Trainings for Accreditation Standards Version 12

2015 Accreditation Workshop: How to Prepare a Successful Self-Study PP PowerPoint Slides from a recent workshop at the Annual Conference focused on the Accreditation process and creating a Self-Study

2015 Accreditation Workshop: Logistics PP PowerPoint Slides from a recent workshop at the Annual Conference focused on the logistics of the accreditation process