Accreditation Process at a Glance

The following steps are to be followed for seeking an initial or renewal of accreditation:

1. Review and become familiar with COAMFTE Accreditation Standards, Policies & Procedures

2. Attend Accreditation Workshop and Online Accreditation Webinars

  • Review Training Schedule

3. Prepare to Write a Self-Study

  • Carefully analyze, collect and review your program’s mission, goals, outcomes and data in relation to COAMFTE Eligibility Criteria and Accreditation Standards
  • Some Programs choose to get assistance from a Consultant (contact COAMFTE at for a list of consultants)

4. Submit Letter of Intent

  • Submit six months before submitting Self-Study

5. Write a Self-Study

6. Submit Self-Study

  • Deadlines are April 1st and October 1st

7. Self-Study Review

  • COAMFTE Staff reviews Self-Study for formatting and submission requirements
  • COAMFTE Commission Reviews Self-Study for compliance with Eligibility Criteria & Standards

8. On-Site Team Visit

  • Site Visit Report sent to Program 45 days after visit

9. Program Response

  • Program submits Response to Site Visit Report 30 days after receipt

10. Commission Review

  • Commission reviews the program’s Self-Study, Site Visit Report, Program's Response to the Site Visit Report, and any additional documentation
  • Program receives Action Letter from Commission 30 days after Commission Meeting

11. Annual Report and Accreditation Maintenance