COAMFTE Webinars and Trainings

2017 Accreditation Workshop PowerPoint

 PowerPoint slides from recent workshop that focuses on:

  • Preparation of an Eligibility Criteria report
  • Guidelines to submit a Self-Study document
  • Interpretations directly from Commissioners


Recordings of Past Webinars

If you could not attend the previous webinars, you still have the opportunity learn about Accreditation Standards Version 12 and the accreditation application process by listening to their recordings.  The following recordings are available for a small fee of $49.00.

Eligibility Criteria for Standards Version 12                                                GET IT NOW

Transitioning to Accreditation Standards Version 12                                GET IT NOW

Preparing a Successful Self-Study: Hot Tips and Best Practices              GET IT NOW

Understanding and Interpreting Accreditation Standards Version 12    GET IT NOW

The following recording can be viewed at no charge:

Decoding Stipulations Webinar WATCH NOW