Accreditation Process Timeline


*Program must meet all Eligibility Criteria elements in order to be invited to submit a Self-Study. Programs that do not meet all of EC elements, will be required to resubmit deficient Eligibility Criteria elements for the next submission deadline. For Accreditation Fee Schedule, click here  .

**COAMFTE responds to Self-Study documents submitted for accreditation in one of three ways:
     1. Approve the Self-Study application and require a site visit.
     2. Deny a site visit.
     3. Defer a site visit based on an incomplete evidence of compliance and request the missing information.

***The Commission, by a majority vote of members present, will take one of the following actions:
     1. Award Accreditation
     2. Denial of Accreditation
     3. Revoke Accreditation
     4. Defer Decision