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2021 COAMFTE Accreditation Workshop

COAMFTE will be hosting a virtual Accreditation Workshop focused on preparing for Standards Version 12.5 in 2022. This workshop will provide an excellent opportunity to engage with the Commission and network with peers in higher education. During the workshop, attendees will have two opportunities to participate in breakout sessions related to preparing for transitioning and preparing accreditation materials for the new Standards Version 12.5.

COAMFTE Standards Version 12.5 Presentation

COAMFTE Crosswalk: Accreditation Standards Version 12 to Version 12.5:

2019 Accreditation Workshop Presentations

  • Takeaways from Preparing Eligibility Criteria, Lenore McWey, PhD, LMFT, Program Director, Florida State University VIEW NOW
  •  Competency Model: Leveraging Accreditation for Innovation, Naveen Jonathan, PhD, LMFT, Program Director, Chapman University  VIEW NOW

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 Eligibility Criteria PowerPoint

PowerPoint slides from recent webinar that focuses on:

  • Preparation for Eligibility Criteria submission
  • Frequently Asked Questions and missed items
  • Tips for using templates


2017 Accreditation Workshop PowerPoint

  • Preparation of an Eligibility Criteria report
  • Guidelines to submit a Self-Study document
  • Interpretations directly from Commissioners


Decoding Stipulations Webinar WATCH NOW