Call for Volunteers

COAMFTE has openings on the Eligibility Review Committee. 

Join the Eligibility Review Committee (ERC)!

COAMFTE is seeking program directors, faculty and doctoral students to fill four (4) open positions: one (1) doctoral student and three (3) educators in Marriage and Family Therapy, for its Eligibility Review Committee (ERC)! This is a great opportunity for MFT professionals and doctoral students in academia to become a part of the changing landscape in the accreditation field and enhance the MFT accreditation process. Learn about COAMFTE accreditation and how other programs do it!

ERC Description

The Eligibility Review Committee (ERC) is a subcommittee of a minimum of seven (7) members, appointed by the COAMFTE chair. The ERC is responsible for conducting reviews of Eligibility Criteria documents and determining when a program has demonstrated, through a substantially complete response, that it is prepared to proceed in the accreditation process to the Self-Study stage.

ERC Member Qualifications

  • Educators in marriage and family therapy or Doctoral students enrolled in COAMFTE-accredited programs;
  • Possess a minimum of a master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy or a related mental health field; and familiarity with COAMFTE’s accreditation standards, policies and processes.
  • ERC members cannot be concurrently serving on COAMFTE, any committees of COAMFTE, the AAMFT Board or any committees or task forces of the AAMFT Board. ERC members serve terms set forth by the COAMFTE chair and are eligible for reappointment by the Chair.
  • ERC members are required to complete training before each ERC member begins the first term.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Serve as Primary and Secondary Reviewers
  • Review Eligibility Criteria documents
  • Provide timely and quality reviews
  • Identify areas of compliance and non-compliance in the Eligibility Criteria documents
  • Provide recommendation to the Commission on program’s substantial compliance 

Committee Structure and Expectations

  • A minimum of seven members
  • Length of term: Appointees will serve two-year terms.
  • Work Environment: On-line forums and conference calls.
  • Time commitment: Bi-annual reviews begin May 1st and November 1st. Committee members will have four weeks to complete the review of the assigned Eligibility Criteria documents.


All selected ERC members will be required to complete the training at the beginning of 2020. Subsequent training may be offered by the Commission and Staff to update the ERC members on any changes and clarification to the review process.

Application Process

Submit a statement of interest, indicating why you are interested and what qualifications, experience, research would make you a good fit, and a Curriculum Vita or Resume to on or before May 31, 2019. Please feel free to share this announcement in your professional circles. If you have any questions, please email