Resources for Argosy Students

COAMFTE is highly concerned about the situation at Argosy University and the impact on students who placed their trust into the university.  The alleged mismanagement of federal financial funds is a deeply troubling occurrence. 

As a programmatic accreditor, COAMFTE does not serve as a gatekeeper for Title IV-federal financial funds and relies on regional accreditors that are Title IV approved by the US Department of Education (USDE) for oversight and management of that function. As a result, COAMFTE’s Accreditation Standards (Eligibility Criterion D: Institutional Accreditation/Oversight) require that all programs seeking and maintaining COAMFTE accreditation are housed in regionally-accredited institutions.  The Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), the regional accreditor for Argosy University, has provided information with the latest updates on Argosy University, as well as guidance for transfer agreements and teach outs with participating universities.

The institutional administration at Argosy University has informed COAMFTE that Argosy has identified a number of universities that will be able to absorb the students and has provided a Transfer Resource Guide.  All students interested in continuing to attend a COAMFTE-accredited program are encouraged to verify that their selected program is accredited by COAMFTE by visiting the Directory of COAMFTE-Accredited Programs .

Additionally, for students attending Argosy University -Twin Cities, the Minnesota Office of Higher Education provides information on its website about upcoming transfer fairs.  Students in the Twin Cities program are encouraged to refer to this information.

Since learning about the potential closure of Argosy University, COAMFTE has been taking steps to assist students by:

  • Staying in contact with the administration at Argosy University to identify transfer partners.
  • Providing encouragement and guidance to COAMFTE-accredited program able to absorb transfer students.
  • Responding to inquiries from students about teach outs and transfer options.

COAMFTE will continue to monitor this situation and when possible provide resources and guide to alleviate its impact on COAMFTE programs and Argosy students.