October 19-20, 2023 | Tampa, FL

 Collaborate    Engage    Network  

About the Workshop:


COAMFTE’s first in-person two-day training event will offer opportunities to collaborate and network with colleagues and engage with COAMFTE subject matter experts!


The workshop will focus on:

  1. Navigating Initial Accreditation with COAMFTE
  2. Preparing the Outcome Based Education Framework and Assessment Plans
  3. Implementing the Plan and including Communities of Interest
  4. Reviewing the Results with Communities of Interest
  5. Taking Action Based on the Results / Closing the Loop
  6. Incorporating Teletherapy into the Curriculum
  7. Understanding Supervision in Standards Version 12.5
  8. Reporting Requirements with a Distance Education format
  9. Attending to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  10. Developing Leadership Skills for Program Oversight

Click Here for the COAMFTE Accreditation Workshop Agenda  


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Godfrey Hotel
7700 W Courtney Campbell Causeway,
Tampa, FL 33607